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  • Our son passed away this morning and we called Floral Haven we spoke with Gino. Gino and his partner Chip talked to us and they did an excellent job for us. I am thankful and blessed that there is great people in this world today to help us with our loss. Thank you Gino and Chip. Sincerely J.H & Family
  • I would like to thank your staff and especially Brittiany and Dedra for their expertise, their patience and their kindness with the planning of the funeral of my mother. Many thanks for making it so much easier to say goodbye.
  • Wanted to let everyone know how much I appreciate the staff.. especially Walter Still & Jackie London... for their dedication in assuring that everything was PERFECT during the recent loss of my beloved brother D.G.. Even after the service, they continued to work to assure all our family that our needs had been met. Thank you & I will highly recommend Floral Haven to everyone!
  • Dear Friends at LMG: Greetings from your friends at SIM. We have been meaning to write you for several days now. Please forgive out delay. We believe it is never too late to say a hearty " Thank You" Please accept our sincere gratitude for your kindness in inviting us to have part in the Christmas Candlelight service you planned for community friends who lost ones during 2014. We counted it an honor to once again be asked to be present with you for that occasion, bring out electric piano, get set up and sing from our hearts. We know folk were feeling special needs during this special time of year as they placed things onto the lovely Christmas tree in memory of their friends and loved ones. We enjoyed the luminaries and are grateful for those workers who worked so hard to prepare and place them, having to work against some wind at times. The effect of luminaries is quite staggering but adds so much to the whole scene. A very huge and sincere" THANK YOU' for your extremely generous monetary gift to us. We really do not expect nor deserve the magnanimous expression, but it was an encouragement to each of our four participants with whom we evenly shared your lovegift to us. Please accept our sincere thanks for the gift as well as the refreshments, and for all the work you each did to make everything memorable for everyone there. We trust all of you will have a good year as all of you stand ready to be available to those who enter your doors to express their family's needs and trust your capable competence in you service to mankind. Sincerely M.P, in behalf of SIM
  • November 24th 2014 Floral Haven provided their services for the lose in our family. We experienced nothing but caring and professional services from Gino Richardson and Jesse Boston. They both went above and beyond to aid our family in the time of lose. Both services one at Floral Haven Chapel and at the grave site, were done extremely well. My family was very appreciative of everything. Thanks to Gino and Jesse for your hard work and compassion.
  • Dear Floral Haven Staff - It has been 9 months to the day since I showed up numb and broken at Floral Haven, with the excruciating job of planning a funeral for my infant son E.G.C. I was in shock, physically drained and I don't remember much, but I remember the compassion and sympathy we were shown. I remember learning my little boy had a nightlight and sponge bob playing. You have no idea how that touched my heart. I remember watching Gino take such care, ask such gentle questions, he was so calming and compassionate. He gave me a tiny bottle of water and a chocolate chip cookie. Then Stephan came in and I got so anxious, how were we going to afford this? We work at a Children's home and I never planned on having to pay for a funeral for my child. But one page after another, the numbers kept adding up to $0. Tears fell as I signed on the line to accept the most generous, selfless, mercy-filled gift I have ever received. I don't know how you all manage to bring comfort to a mother's broken heart, but that is exactly what you do, I am so overwhelmed by your gift every time I visit my sweet boy in the angle garden. Gino watched as I kissed my son's 18" casket and he whispered, " I have never seen so many people at a baby's service before. E. was very loved." I will never forget those words or the incredible gift we were given on Feb 24, 2014. There are no words to express my gratitude, but I truly praise my God for bringing you all into my life when you did. Your gift touched me entire family and will continue to bless my heart as long as I live. Please keep doing what you're doing. Your generosity, kindness, sympathy, professionalism and compassion are changing lives. May you be blessed abundantly as you bless others. Thank you, Thank you.
  • Dear April - I am thankful for your ministry as a funeral director. I could never have the courage to do your job, but even if I could - I wouldn't be able to do it with your grace and kindness. Aside from handling the emotional part with flawless class, you also managed the event without any snafus. We all agreed that we wouldn't change a thing about any of the services. I am so glad you were placed in our lives to help us through this!
  • Dear April - There aren't words to thank you enough for the support. Someone once said " you can make a living by what you get, but with what you give you make a life" We are praying God's blessings on your life for all you gave to our family.
    M.T. Family
  • Floral Haven Staff - We wanted to thank you for your care and compassion in the loss of our triplet babies I., M. and E. We sincerely appreciate the free service you offer for children, it was a blessing for us.
    E. & A. G.
  • Dear Jon - Our family truly appreciated all your help and support arranging the service. You were very kind and courteous during that difficult time. The service turned out really nice and we were very please with everyone and everything at Floral Haven. Thank you again!
    The G. Family