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Grief & Healing

Grief Recovery Program

Floral Haven is proud to offer two 12 week Grief Recovery Support Group workshops each year. Our next group sessions begins Tuesday, March 28, 2017 at 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM at the Floral Haven Family Center. Our fall group sessions begin Tuesday, September 26, 2017.

Grief is the normal and natural reaction to any significant emotional loss. While most people associate this with a death, other losses such as divorce, estrangement, retirement and health issues can also be sources of significant grief. Unfortunately, grief is one of society's most misunderstood and off limits topics of conversation. Grievers often are left totally alone to deal with the conflicting emotions caused by a loss.

Sadly, we are taught very little on how to cope with grief. Most of our education is based on misinformation, such as "grief just takes time." This is only true if the time is properly spent learning and applying to tools of recovery. To fully recover from a loss, we must first discover what was incomplete in the relationship and what must be done to make things complete. Our grief support group focuses on teaching people these tools.

Our workshops programs are led by Doug Hash, a certified Grief Recovery Specialist, who has worked with these programs for many years. He is assisted in this program by a group of past graduates who have likewise gone on for certification through the Grief Recovery Institute and now volunteer their time to assist other grievers.                    

Please check the section of this site for information about starting dates of workshops, or you may call Doug at (918) 252-2518 or e-mail him at

You can learn more about the Grief Recovery Institute at

Participant Testimonial

At first I was hesitant on coming to a grief recovery program just because I didn’t think it would help. But I decided to give it a try. I have really enjoyed this program and the process that we take to recover from the losses in our lives is very helpful. I honestly don’t think I would be where I’m at in my life if it wasn’t for this recovery.

C.G. - September 2016 Workshop

I have been active in a 12th step program for many years and have sponsored many people. But the Grief Recovery Program is the best program I have been involved with for over 25 years.

C.D.  - September 2016 Workshop

Grief recovery program is helpful in completing relationships & helping you move to recovery. I highly recommend it for anyone who is grieving a loss.

J.R.  - September 2016 Workshop

I found that I was stuck in some of the negative issues of my husband’s and my relationship. I believe going through this program helped me get “un-stuck” and able to enjoy all the positive things there were.

R.N.  - September 2016 Workshop

I had been searching for a way to finally work through my grief after losing my husband almost 6 years ago. I’ve been in counseling, grief groups, read book after book. Nothing helped me. The wonderful leadership and counselors in the Grief Recovery Program were the answer for me. This unique approach was the only way I was able to turn my turmoil into triumph!

N.H.  - September 2016 Workshop

I came to the Grief Recovery Outreach Program in March of 2014. I was then 35 years old and  dealing with loss associated with moving. I had moved to a new country 3 times by the age of 16 and in January 2014 I under went my 4th International landing in Oklahoma. This time the move was of my own decision, but inflicting the same loss through moving on our daughter.

The first few sessions I felt a little embarrassed to be sharing my grief over the moves with my group members who had all lost a loved one to death. I still had all my loved ones, I can still call, email, Skype, or go visit. But what the grief recovery sessions taught me is that the emotions of the grieving process are valid and as real as I experience them.

It also taught me that the wounds of grief are not healed by time. Which should have been evident to me since I was still crying over loses that occurred over 18 years ago. But that recovering from the wounds of grief comes from healing uncompleted relationships and I have had many abruptly ended relationships with people and places during my youth.

Grief Recovery also taught me to listen without judgement, without questions, without reaction. While listening to the grief of my fellow group members I experienced how being listened to , being heard, is indeed so powerful and healing. Even if it is not by the one who you need to hear it.

I think that being "forced" to listen (without reaction) to so many heartbreaking stories of fellow grievers has taught me to be able to "listen" to myself with the same ability, enabling me to react to my own emotions with compassion for myself instead of feeling frustration and angry about my emotions. Allowing myself the time and space to feel and experience my own emotions without judgement instead of being hard on myself thinking "I should be over this by now!" This in it's self is liberating!

Grief Recovery is hard, it's scary, it seems to get worse before it gets better, but it does make it better and it is completely worth it.

The completion, the feeling of weight being lifted from your shoulders after the hard work that you put into Grief Recovery will be the biggest favor you can do for yourself.

The ability to move on, not forgetting the past or the people important to you, but to be able to  complete the relationship that you had with the grief and the pain that it left you in, is what Grief Recovery is all about. Not that I will never shed a tear or feel sad again, but now I feel more balanced, better equipped to deal those moments and a confidence about being able to enjoy the here and now.

- N.K - 2014 Workshop