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Throughout our lives, we plan for many things - a wedding, a new home, the children's college tuition, vacations and retirement.  We all want to protect our families and make sure that important events are anticipated and well planned and that the correct financial choices have been made. Prearrangement is another of life's decisions...


Many of you have expressed an interest in knowing more about final arrangements. We, at Floral Haven offer free informational seminars as a service to our community. We do these seminars in a restaurant environment with complimentary lunch or dinner provided.

This is also a great time for fellowship with your neighbors.

There will be no selling at any of these seminars as they will only be informative!


  • Advanced funeral planning – Burial and cremation options
  • Veterans’ benefits – what the Government does and does not provide
  • Social Security Benefits
  • Handling a death while traveling
  • Why you don’t want your children or heirs to make arrangements
  • Why insurance should not be used for purchasing burial needs
  • How to transfer your loved one out of state
  • How to transfer out of state burial property to Oklahoma
  • The 25 documents you need before you die
  • The 72 decisions that MUST be made when a death occurs
  • At need vs. Pre-need Benefits

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