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What We Do

Signature Services℠

Floral Haven  offers several signature services℠ designed to help you enhance your memorialization experience, to make it more meaningful for your family and friends . 

Flight Home Ceremony

Our Flight Home® Ceremony  signify the soul of the deceased joining other family members that have passed on before them.

Memorial Bracelets

Wrist bands are a way of sharing personal attachment to a cause or project. They also offer families a unique and personalized keepsake to pass on to friends after a service or gathering.

(50 wrist bands/2-day delivery) 

Musical Tributes

A Bagpiper can offer  melodious background music to create a soothing atmosphere during times of reflecting and remembrance.

Floral Mementos

Our on-site Floral Designs by Floral Haven will consult directly with your family to create floral tributes for your service. This allowance has a retail value of $195.00. You may add to this amount, if you wish, to have additional or larger arrangements created for your family.


Solid Wood Flag Case

This polished and finished glass fronted case is designed to hold and display the United States Flag that is presented to the family of a Veteran of Military Service. This case allows family and friends to see this special remembrance of service to our nation, while protecting this cherished memento. 

Embroidered Head Panel

There are a variety of different embroidered casket head panels that can be used in a caskets, reflecting faith, family, hobbies and military service. Selecting one of these special panels adds a personalized touch to the appearance of the casket 

Additional Signature Services℠

Other signature services℠ available to help complement your loved ones services include:

An Additional Day of Visitation
DVD Video Tribute
A Memory Portrait
Clothing or Keepsake Allowance

Learn More about Our Signature Services℠

You knew your loved one better than anyone else. We’ve got years of experience. Together, we’ll design the perfect memorial or funeral service for your loved one. If you're ready to discuss the options, or simply have questions about our services, please call us at (918) 505-7254, or send us an email inquiry.