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Roberta Marie Cropek

Birth Date: February 28, 1938
Death Date: June 23, 2014

Roberta “Bobbi” Marie Welton Cropek
February 28, 1938 to June 23, 2014
Roberta “Bobbi” M. Cropek, of Broken Arrow, OK, went home to be with the Lord on Monday, June 23rd, 2014, peacefully in her home with her family after a long illness. Survived by her husband of 43 years, Ronald R. Cropek married in 1971, only after Bobbi proposed to Ron in a beer cooler. A year later the new family, a station wagon, a basset hound and a small U-Haul headed out west to start a new life in Tulsa, OK.
Bobbi was the youngest child of the late Robert F. and Eava M. Welton. Bobbi graduated from Ashtabula High in 1956, she kept in contact with many of her classmates over the years. Bobbi always worked hard to help support her family, but finally found her calling in the oil-field industry as a Senior Material Expeditor for ARCO. A great woman, a strong woman, Bobbi always had her own drum and played it loudly with confidence.
Boy Scouts of America was another one of her passions, starting off as sewing patches on uniforms and shopping for campouts, she decided if you can you can’t beat them, join them. She gave many volunteer hours starting with the Scout-a-rama, many, many training courses for the scouts and the training of the leaders, of course usually involved in cooking, she contributed recipe’s and helped put together the Dutch oven cookbook that they use today. Using her sewing and craft experiences, she made centerpieces for Pow Wow’s and was involved at a Council level for an annual training event held at Oral Robert University known as The University of Scouting. She holds many recognitions and awards from The Boy Scouts of America for her service over the years
Bobbi has two sisters, surviving, Beverly J. Harvey of Broken Arrow, OK., and the late Gertrude T. Mulder, Two children, Yvette Marie DeLarzelere, of Broken Arrow, OK., and S. Scot Cropek of Lake Dallas, TX. Two Grandchildren, Beckman T. DeLarzelere and Kendra Marie DeLarzelere, both from Broken Arrow, OK. A large Cropek Family in Conneaut, Ohio, with other family including Nieces, Nephews, Cousins and in-laws that she was very proud of and they will all miss their Aunt Bobbi.
A Catholic Funeral Mass will be held at Saint Anne’s Church, in Broken Arrow, OK, Tuesday July, 1st, 2014 at 11am. Reception to follow. Bobbi requested in advance… in lieu of flowers… please make a donation in her name to the American Lung Association or your local SPCA.

Memorial Service
July 1, 2014
11:00 am
- 12:00 am
St. Anne's Catholic Church
301 South 9th Street Broken Arrow OK, 74012
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  1. Happy 80th Birthday !

    Written by: Yvette Cropek Pinson

    Wow, today would have been your 80th birthday ! But you don’t have birthdays anymore, how does that feel. I celebrated your birthday today by myself when Johnny went to get taxes done. I can’t stand doing that (I come by that naturally from Dad). Days like this are still very hard, no cake, no party, no presents, …no family. I miss you both very much, I don’t know if you even remember your birthday up there, but I remembered here. I will be taking some stuff up to floral have by this weekend. Its been raining on and off for several days now and I didn’t want to wade thru the mud. Hope you, Dad and the rest of the family are having a great time! I love you both.

    P.S. Notice my new legal name, Yvette Cropek-Pinson

  2. Its your first anniversary together since 2013. I brought some flowers by but the marker still isn’t in so I just buried a plastic vase. I will be by again soon. Your birthday is coming up but I will definitely be by before then. Probably same day and time as usual. I just came by today so I could bury the plastic vase. Hope you both are having a Happy Anniversary !

    Love Vette !

  3. Its been a long time mom….but know I think about you every single day of my life. I still miss you so much and wish you were here for me to talk to right now. Its been almost 2 years now and I don't think anyone ever comes in here to talk to you. Well I always will. I know you already know whats going on and you would say its too late for me to do anything about it now. But he is old enough to know that what he is doing is wrong and he shouldn't treat me this way. I can't change him, but if I have to live my life not being around him then so be it. Between Troy, Scot and Ashleigh, I can't win. They all have an opinion and none of them are good about me. Ashleigh plays nice but I think its because she knows I would do anything for this baby. I am sure by now that you have noticed that the kids, all of them, Scot included get along with and suck up to anyone in the family that they know they will eventually get something from. I don't have anything to give them for their future (ie monetary value, which is what they are looking for) so basically Iam just a straggling family member. I will come in more often and say Hi.

  4. “And then it shall come to pass, that the spirits of those who are righteous are received into a state of happiness, which is called paradise, a state of rest, a state of peace, where they shall rest from all their troubles and from all care, and sorrow.”

    So happy for you Mom, I love and miss you still…..everyday

  5. HEY MOM, well the drama never ends. We get over one thing and something else starts…and guess what….its not your fault anymore ITS MINE….go figure…Dad is doing ok…keeping busy, the kids…well….that is where the drama is as usual…..GOD forbid I made mistakes raising them so everything that goes wrong in their life or they are upset about is because I screwed up as mom……

    Tomorrow is your birthday, we are all having dinner on Sunday with some of your favorites. No we aren't having "complaints" or Pepsi One but some mac and cheese, beans of course, chopped sirloin BROWN gravy, Lays potato chips and i'll probably go pick up some Wendy's cheese fries…Dad made the joke the other day that you and he will be there….sometimes his sense of humor is so dry….but we laugh anyway. I will probably write again tomorrow, just taking lunch at work and thought I would "drop" in

  6. Hey Mom, its been awhile and as you know things are getting really crazy with Kendra's wedding…Wish you were here to help….not to mention the family drama, some new some is just the same old crap. Just been a little over 4 months now since you went home. This is going to be a rough birthday for Dad, I know mine wasn't so great. Dad is keeping track on that stupid calendar the exact number of days you have been gone. I personally don't think he needs that detailed of an account but he always has been a little anal about that stuff anyway. If you think about it…see what you can do about the Beckman and Derick situation…it is so stupid and you know how stubborn Beckman is and Derick is, well Derick, but try to whisper a little something in his ear so he doesn't end up like Scot and I….I will try to keep in tough more, it will be easier when the wedding is over.

  7. Over this last weekend it was 2 months….we knew you were walking with us on the purplestride….I think Dad had fun…we were all there…..but you…..we have our good days but then we find something or hear something and it makes it a bad day….Dad found one of you caps to the oxygen tank and lost it ….. I told him he should be glad that you don't have to use those tanks anymore…Not much has changed here as you obviously know…my health is going down but haven't mentioned it to anyone…don't want anyone freaking out….i don't think anyone reads these things anymore but just in case I won't mention what is going on….but you already know…I'm kinda scared but not because of what is happening…but leaving….

  8. Well, its been one month today. Sometimes it seems like just yesterday but other times it seems like forever. Just sitting here I wish you were here so we could talk, makes me want to cry because I miss our talks so much, I don't have anyone that I could talk to the way we could talk..we could always be honest with each other and no matter what we both understood (we could always read between the lines). Found out today that Ray moved to MN, he never bothered to tell me..I don't know why but out last discussion was right on the money. Everyone drops like flies when you need them the most. Everyone seems so wrapped up in themselves. Anyway…going to dads tonight to see whats going on….don't have anything else to anymore…kids are always busy…no reason to go to casino, no one to go with, and since I've been sick I have distanced myself from everyone so it will be easier….I guess I will talk to you later……….just Me

  9. Hi Mom, as you know I am over here at your house…I have you on the kitchen table just where you would always be if I were here cooking with you. I sure hope this dutch apple pie turns out OK, when dad gets home, we are grilling some burgers and corn and I am making those wedge potatoes with the onions and peppers with melted butter sprinkled with cheese….Don't worry I'll get some weight on him LOL. I told you I would take care of him. He told me that this morning was a bad day for him, I wish he would have called me and I would have come over but I am thinking that sometimes he just needs his alone time. I told him that I too have my bad days and I am pretty sure Scot does too. I try to call and text him to see how he is doing and to let him know what is going on here but Dad talks to him a lot and tells him. He never calls me back or texts me but like you told me…I'll keep trying. Tomorrow we go pickup Kendras wedding dress and Dad is going with us to take pictures – the bridal place makes a big deal out of finding your perfect dress and they do a little speech and you ring a bell and everyone claps. Ashleigh, myself, Dad and Bev are going for sure. Troy doesn't want to go because its a girly thing and Beckman thinks the same thing, but that's ok…I suppose it is a girly thing. She invited Dericks mom, Sherri and sister Hannah but she is upset because she wasn't invited to go the day we went to first look. Of course we had no idea that she would find the dress the first place and first time we looked and it would be on sale and also had the special for the cleaning after the ceremony. The sale was going to be over that next day so we really didn't have a choice but to get it ordered then. I think she is being a baby about it and Kendra really wants her to help plan but not if she is going to be like this, so hopefully she will come around. Well, people probably think its crazy that I still type messages to you, but this has become somewhat of a journal for me plus it makes it feel more like I'm really talking to you. I will write again soon. Things are not as bad as they were, I don't cry at the drop of a hat, I still miss you ALOT but I am trying to stay focused on getting things done at the house and of course taking care of Dad like we discussed and I promised I would do and of course Kendras wedding but just because I am adjusting to you not being here doesn't mean I don't still miss you, things will NEVER be the same anymore, just different, but as you always said, "We will persevere" I Love you, Vette

  10. Hey Mom, pretty good weekend, spent most of it with Dad, did alot of cooking for him. I know you showed him how to do alot but I think he needs me right now. I made him some broccali cheese rice with grilled chicken in it, some stuffed bell peppers , a meatloaf with your brown gravy and some over baked hashbrown…made enough to put in freezer too…He is getting low on meals….has sandwich stuff and his frozen potatoes and salmon but its not the same as homecooking like we used to do….it was a little hard cooking without you but I think you would want me to take care of him…I will do that because I know you would want me to anyway. We had several long talks about you…we laughed we cried…but we will be ok….I just wanted you to know that I will take care of him for you…..I still miss you sooooo much, I love you, vette

  11. Really, really bad day today….you were the only one I could ever talk to that could say things to me without putting me down and pointing out all my faults…I don't have anyone to talk to now…so i hope you can still hear me because even though you can't answer…I will still be trying to talk to you….maybe somehow you can let me know what to do….because I am totally lost


  13. Don't have internet at the house anymore so I can only talk to you from work… know this last weekend was a bad one….couldn't do anything but lay in bed…worry sometimes that if something ever did happen to me – no one would know because I rarely hear from kids or see them. seems like its been forever since i've seen you but I bet you feel like no time at all has passed. Hope you are having a good time. I will talk to you soon, Love Vette

  14. Well Mom, hope the services today were what you expected and wanted. Everyone just left here to get something to eat, you and I are the only ones here. I am sitting in my same seat at the table right next to where you would be sitting, didn't feel like eating. I have to go back to work tomorrow but not really wanting to go….You know I hate this job. The house is so quiet without your machine running, I have to say I actually hate it. You would have been proud today….I didn't cry (not much) and not in front of anyone. I was strong remembering what you told me….but its hard no when no one is around and its so quiet. So many people loved you. I am sorry for the things I said, I didn't mean them the way they came out…….ttyl

  15. Thanks my Brother… For those that don't know.. Ron and Bobbie loves and laughs with John Wylie as if their own… Again thanks bro…. Scot

  16. Ron, we are so very sorry for your loss. Bobbie had such a spark. We had so many good times together years ago. Bobbie and Barbara Lynch can have a good laugh together. We pray for you both.

  17. Yvette, words can not tell the sorry i feel for the lost of your mother. Bobbi and Ron and yourself has brought so many good memories into my life which i will be eternally grateful. Thank you for sharing your mother with me. Love and Prayers, Charlie Groom

  18. Hi Mom, just sitting here at the house in your chair at the table, trying to find some flowers you'd like….I know you weren't much of a flower person, but we want everything to be pretty for your going home celebration. I sit here and think of all the things we used to talk about, we were never at a loss for words when we were together. I had planned on making meatballs this weekend, already went and got the stuff at the store. It just wont be the same without you smelling to make sure I have all the right spices in. I will talk to you tomorrow . Love and Miss you sooooo much

  19. Yvette, We are so sorry and sad to hear of your mom's passing. It's been a few years, but we ran into Bobbi and Ron in downtown BA at the Christmas kick off. We enjoyed visiting with them and delighted in the fun they were having. We always thought and think highly of them. We have lots of memories and stories from Russell. Our sincere condolences to you, Ron and the rest of your family. Bob and Erin.

  20. Vette,Scot,Ron, We can't express how sorry and saddened we are for the loss of Bobbi. She was a great sister-in-law. Even though we hadn,t seen her much in the last several years, she was and always be in our thoughts and prayers. We also pray for you, Scot, Ron and family healing……Rest Easy,Bobbi…,,,Bob and Lynn

  21. I remember the first time I met Bobbi, a long time ago. We hit it off from that first day. I was introduced to the world of "Bobbis' Hot Hammies" and the meaning of what a nasal burn should be. She shared that recipe with me.
    My thoughts and prayers go out to the entire family. A family who has embrased me like one of the clan. I love you all very much and everyday I thank God for bringing all of you into my world.
    Bobbi, I will miss you very much.
    John Wylie

  22. Hey mom, so whats it like; another day in paradise. Wish I was with you. I will talk to you later. Love Vette

  23. Scot, So sorry to hear your loss. Hang on to the love it never goes away. My heart is with you these days.

  24. Yvette, so sorry for the loss of your Mother. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Tryna Hutchison Stephens

  25. Mom, I think about you every second of everyday, you will never know how much I miss you and love you. I feel so alone now, no one knows the times we talked and conversations about the things you can only talk to a mom about, and I know you never told a soul, secrets between a mother and daughter that I know you took with you to your next life. Someday we will all be together again. We just have to wait till God's plan is fulfilled. I will love you forever and miss you so much that my heart aches – till the day we are all together again.

  26. Ron,
    Our sincerest condolences to you and the rest of the family.
    Bobbie was a special lady that led with strength and grace. She will forever be missed and held in our memories for the love that she showed us all.
    Your Brother,

  27. Bobbie will be truly missed, she was a good woman, a great mother and a dear friend.. she shared her love to alot of good people in her life, and she has kids and grandkids to show that she had a very blessed life.. And now she may rest in peace with no pain.. I send The Cropek Family, my regards..

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