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  • We shall always remember with deep gratitude your comforting expression of sympathy.
    Susan Ward & Family
  • Dear Andrea Shields and Angelic Cook, Thank you for your sincere caring and help in getting through a tough time. You helped make it a little easier. For your kind expression of Sympathy,
    Stephanie B.
  • Dear Andrea and Sandra, On behalf of my entire family of our mother, Harriette E. Ruby, we thank you for your kind care and support during a sad time. Andrea, I have had many compliments on the obituary posted on the Floral Haven website. Thank you for making that happen. Sandra, you made everything easy for me. It was nice spending a little time with you even under the circumstances. Please share our thanks to the entire Floral Haven staff. Brenda Estes & the Ruby Family.
    Brenda, Estes, & the Ruby Family
  • Dear Gino - We are very grateful for all the services provided by Floral Haven and staff. Thank you for the generosity of giving our sweet little V. a resting place. We cannot thank you enough for your kindness and for caring for our daughter. Gino your are a great blessing. May God continue to bless you with that gift.
    The H. Family
  • Floral Haven - Thank you for all your service. I was very pleased with your staff. So kind and helpful. D. will be missed dearly.
    R. Family
  • April, Your kindness and devotion to details in helping us plan our son’s funeral services & burial was greatly appreciated. It all turned out so Beautiful and a great celebration of his life. The memorial folder you designed was the best I’ve ever seen, a real keepsake! Thank you! God is walking this journey with us and the healing process has been helped by the many cards & prayers offered by others on our behalf. Our most sincere thanks.
    D. & J.
  • You are definitely in the right profession. What a fantastic job you did. Your love, caring and support shined upon us. Thanks for all your comfort.
    The J. S. Family
  • Just wanted to say again how much I appreciate the way you took care of everything for D & me. I thought it was just perfect. Thanks so much.
  • Thank you for the Winter Memorial Service you held on Dec 4th for those people who lost family members in 2016. We were one of those families who lost a member. The service was beautiful and comforting, and it helped heal any lingering sad moments. We are fortunate in choosing Floral Haven for these final arrangements.
    S. & A. B.
  • Dear Billy, I would like to express my gratitude for your guidance and your help during this very difficult time.
    C.N. & Family