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We receive many letters from the families we've served, thanking us for our caring ways during their time of loss. Their words warm our hearts, and speak to you of our professionalism, compassion, and the true value of the services we provide.

Our family wants to Sincerely Thank Steven Taylor, Angelic Cook-Mercado, and Pastor James Lacey for such being so compassionate, caring and providing a honorable service for our Father's funeral service. Thank you

Cindy Schumacher April 15, 2021

My husband and I are making plans for our final arrangements. We have been working with Peggy Kilhefner. She has been so helpful and guided us along the way. She has been so patient and worked with us at our pace. My husband has not wanted to move fast on this but Peggy has never given up on us. She has been willing to wait but also has reached out to us to keep us updated and to keep us moving when we get stuck. It never felt like she was pushing us or putting pressure on us to do more than we wanted to do. We have had a lot of questions and my husband and I didn't necessarily always agree with each other on what we wanted. We needed a lot of guidance to get where we both felt comfortable and happy. We always felt it was as important to her as it was to us to get what we wanted. Peggy has been just the right person to get us where we wanted to be. If you are preplanning and not sure exactly what you want Peggy is an excellent person to deal with. She can answer all your questions and is very patient and you'll feel like you have made a friend.

Kaye Rucker March 22, 2021

We want to thank Jon Hoopert, Debra "The Flower Lady", Marla, and the rest of the Floral Haven staff, for their above and beyond care and understanding. Jon is exceptional, and everyone there made the tough process of tending to our dad's passing go by with ease. They took our sadness and stress, and returned it w/ kindness. For that, we are all grateful. Thank you all, sincerely.

Jace Truong February 06, 2021

I recently completed The Grief Recovery Method program through Floral Haven in Broken Arrow, OK. I would like to say that this program helped me so much to deal with the recent death of my son. Dough Hash, the program director, and Keith Cherry, leader of my group, did a wonderful job helping me to open up and share what I have had to deal with since the loss of my son. These men were exceptionally kind and supportive as they walked us through the program step by step. I would recommend this program to anyone dealing with a loss. I thank them and whomever is responsible for allowing this program to be in place at Floral Haven. I learned many principles that will help me continue in the future to deal with loss. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Sincerely, Susan Leggett

Susan Leggett December 04, 2020

The Floral Haven staff was extremally helpful with the passing of my mom. The extra customer service the staff gave me made everything comforting. The communication, guidance and suggestions made our arrangements flow smoothly. I cannot say enough about Jon and Laurette. They went above and beyond making sure our details were taken care of. I would suggest to anyone that needs arrangements or suggestions to call them. I really appreciated that they never pushed any type of selling, they only offered suggestions and thoughts. When I would ask about something they provided me with options and not sales pitches. When I told Jon my dad did not get around very well again he went above and beyond. He provided a golf cart to assist my dad around throughout the whole service. It was very comforting and reassuring knowing that he was so willing to make sure our family had every accommodation we needed. My mom also wanted a cement bench by her gravesite. Afterwards, I met with Laurette who was outstanding in helping us with locating and obtaining the perfect bench for mom. I give them five stars and if I could, I would give them ten. Sincerely, Duane R. Helling

duane helling November 05, 2020

Floral Havens did a wonderful job with my mother's funeral. They went above and beyond to make things easier on my family. I truly appreciate all they did.

Jamie Sanders September 30, 2020

I used Floral Haven’s services for my Father, Stepmother and now my lovely Wife. They did a wonderful job and we won’t hesitate to use them again. They made all the arrangements for my wife as simple and easy and everything went so fast with no problem with anything. This place will always be my first choice they always go above and beyond what the family needs they always think about the family and help prepare for every situation. This to will be my final resting place at Floral Haven. Thank you so much Floral Haven Ronnie Yates July 17, 2020

Ronnie Yates August 13, 2020

My family used Floral Haven’s services for both my father and my husband. They did a wonderful job and we won’t hesitate to use them again.

Jan Griffiths June 08, 2020

Sandra, You will never know how much peace it brings to my mind to have this process complete. I could not be happier with the boulder and the placement. My kids will also have peace when I am gone. It has been my pleasure working with you. You are such a professional. I recommend you to anyone I know that will need your services now or while making a prearrangement.

Marvin J. April 03, 2020

This place will always be my first choice they always go above and beyond what the family needs they always think about the family and help prepare for every situation. I have had to use them numerous times over the years and I will continue to use them thank you so much Floral Haven❤️

Kristy C. T. January 21, 2020

The loss of my dad was not expected and Brittany our director helped guide us every step of the way. She even took extra time with us and met with us again for follow questions. The entire staff was compassionate and kind. The service was set up just the way Brittany and our family had asked and was told it would be. We didn’t have to worry one bit about set up, flowers, memory slide show, easel.... it was all taken of for us. It the easiest thing in the mist of the hardest thing I had ever had to do.

Tricia H. January 15, 2020

I want to thank Floral Haven and especially funeral director, Steven Taylor, for the above and beyond service they provided our family in the recent passing of my father. Fortunately, my parents had prepared and paid for their funeral service many years ago. When we were told my father's health was rapidly failing after a broken hip fall, we went to floral haven to review the the funeral contract and insure everything was in order. When my father passed a short time after, Steve Taylor jumped into action to assist with us with preparing a funeral service that my Dad would have been proud of. Working with us late into the evening and night, preparing photos and songs for the video, he made the process simple and seamless. I'm writing this review, however, for the continued service provided by Steven after the service. Helping us navigating and follow-up with the death certificate and corrections. He remained diligent in following up on the document and keeping us apprised. It is not that often you deal with a service company that continues a high level of service after the sell/event. Floral Haven, and Steve, were an example of how to do that and do it well. Thank you from the Shultz family.

Vicky Murphy March 28, 2021

It was just a month ago that the service was conducted for my husband and I want to thank the staff, Steve Taylor and Jennifer Austin, for their compassion and care during this bereavement. No one knows what that means until it happens to you. Even though the appointments may have been time consuming, they were patient with us and offering suggestions that we probably didn't know were available. Thank you again for your service.

Shirley A. Dennis March 03, 2021

Andrea, Jennifer, Britney, and Gino have been the kind us sweetest people I have ever met when going through a death. Well I lost my grandchild and my mother, They stood by me and got me through the hard times thank you for your kindness you are my new angels living on earth may God bless keep up the good work

Tammy Rotert January 22, 2021

My mom passed a couple of months ago. John and Angelica led us through this horrific time. I'm thankful they helped us with all of the planning and finances for moms funeral and burial. However, this lesson taught me to plan ahead. Though they were polite and helpful, there are more affordable options out there. Plan ahead, do some homework, don't wait till you have to plan everything in 1 or 2 days. Thanks guys for all your support!

Terry Ellison November 30, 2020

At the time of my mother's passing, the prior arrangements for Floral Haven to have charge of her remains, went into effect. Two women stepped up to the plate and walked me through this most difficult, once in a lifetime experience. They are Jennifer Austin, who served as Funeral Advisor; and Saharah Haubert who served as Funeral Director. I want to give a complete and heart felt individual review of the job both women did, as representatives of Floral Haven; so I will review them, one at a time. JENNIFER....... started the ball rolling, as the initial contact person. Her gentle, soft spoken demeanor, along with her excellent people skills, immediately put me at ease, as she walked me through the first steps of the funeral process. She answered all my questions and treated me with such great care, that I developed a psychic connection of trust, with her. Furthermore, Jennifer appears to really like her job, as she did it with the utmost of professional courtesy towards me. I give her high marks and consider her to be a real asset to the Floral Haven Funeral facility. SAHARAH.......... I was introduced to Saharah by Jennifer, who informed me that she would serve in the role of FUNERAL DIRECTOR. Saharah made a similar first impression on me, of gentleness and professional courtesy. She, with her gentle soft spoken voice, helped me with all the details involved in leading up to the memorial service, as well as the cremation process. She was very available to me and made sure all my questions were answered thoroughly and to my satisfaction. She made sure that everything proceeded as smooth as possible, and I give her equally high marks, for her leadership and total effort put forth..... Jennifer and Saharah are two of Floral Haven's strongest assets, which will lead me to enthusiastically tell others, of the positive experience I had, placing my mother in her final resting place. RUBEN H. FERROL

Ruben Ferrol October 01, 2020

The Grief Recovery Method group that Floral Haven offers was EXCEPTIONAL! I highly recommend this for anyone who has suffered a loss, and learn how to cope with the loss. It is only 8 weeks, and so worth the while. It is supportive, and you walk away with tools that you can use to heal from loss.

Lucinda Morte September 04, 2020

Floral Haven was great to my family. Steve and Trish walked us through the whole process. Having the use of the onsite chapel and family center made everything so convenient to family and friends. Although a sad time for us they greatly eased the burden on our family.

Steve Perkins June 12, 2020

My name is Kristie Roberts, and I am the surviving spouse to TSgt Marshal D. Roberts. My husband was killed in action secondary to a rocket attack on 11 March 2020, in Taji, Iraq. Not even 24 hours following the notification, I was asked by Dover Air Force Base which funeral home would be caring for Marshal. Without hesitation I said Floral Haven funeral home. In a time of shock, and feeling emotionally isolated, Floral Haven was there to help with our immediate needs. 4 days after receiving the notification, my family and I flew out to Dover AFB to receive Marshal onto U.S. soil. Our family was met with surprise on our return home from Dover. Oklahoma was shutting down secondary to COVID-19. It is difficult to describe the anxiety our family felt at that time, all we wanted was closure however the pandemic that swept our nation would not allow for a proper service for Marshal at that time. Jon Hoopert worked closely with Tracey Bailey from Dover AFB to ensure Marshal made it home on 25 March. Floral Haven ensured Marshal was transported with care during the dignified transfer and procession to the funeral home where Marshal would be held until 16 May 2020. Funeral Director Jon Hoopert ensured Marshal received the best of care during his interim at the funeral home. He kept me updated, and always provided reassurance that Marshal was in the best of hands. I felt a sense of comfort walking in through the doors of Floral Haven as I was always greeted with a smile, a warm welcome, and someone eager to help in anyway he or she could. Jon Hoopert always took time to speak with me, made time for myself and family to visit Marshal in a safe atmosphere, and kept constant communication with key military personnel to ensure Marshal had an honorable service. I feel as if our family gained a friend, and we are forever grateful to Jon Hoopert and the Floral Haven staff for the compassion they showed our family during this difficult season in our life. Thank you Floral Haven for honoring our Hero! God bless!

Kristie Roberts May 27, 2020

We lost my mom this week. She looked beautiful despite the fact that she had been very sick. Brianna did a wonderful job comforting us as she helped us plan the beautiful service. Tim Davidson did a wonderful job helping us pick a site and marker. The entire staff was warm and respectful through the entire process. They even provided the audio-visual equipment needed to share the video that we had prepared to remember Mom's life. I would definitely recommend Floral Haven to anyone looking for a final resting place for a loved one.

Terri W. February 26, 2020

My daddy recently passed and his funeral was held at Floral Haven. From the first phone call to the last few details handled after the funeral, all of the staff delivered excellent service and cared for us like we were family. I want to especially recognize our funeral director, Steve Taylor. His demeanor put us at ease and allowed us to feel as at home as one could at a funeral home. His attention to detail was impressive and very touching. At times, his thoughtfulness brought me to tears. It is very obvious he loves what he does and is passionate about helping families make final arrangements for their loved one. He went out of his way multiple times to make a trying time as easy on us as possible. Steve also followed through with each and every statement made. He even offered suggestions when he noticed I might have overlooked certain details. I can’t thank those involved enough for helping me fulfill his last wishes.

Deb A. January 18, 2020