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Grief & Healing

Grief Recovery Method®

Moving Beyond Loss
At Floral Haven, we deeply understand the profound impact of loss and the journey of grief that follows. In our commitment to serving the community of Broken Arrow, OK, and creating healing experiences for families, we are proud to offer The Grief Recovery Method® Support Group Program. This program is designed for those who have experienced loss and wish to find a pathway beyond their grief, towards a life filled with richer and more fulfilling relationships.

Why Choose The Grief Recovery Method®?

Grief, while a normal and natural response to loss, is often misunderstood and mishandled in our society. Traditional advice on coping with grief is usually intellectual, neglecting the emotional heart of the matter. 

Our program challenges the common myths about grief, such as:

  • Time heals all wounds
  • Grieve alone
  • Be strong
  • Don’t feel bad
  • Replace the loss
  • Keep busy

The Path to Healing: Our Program Approach

The Grief Recovery Method® Support Group Program is an action-based program that helps participants work through the emotional unfinished business often left in relationships. 

Over the course of eight weeks, this program offers:

  • Safe and Supportive Environment: A place to explore old beliefs about dealing with loss and share the impacts of various losses in your life.
  • Effective Tools and Strategies: Guidance on taking actions that lead to the completion of the relationship with what was lost.
  • Expert Guidance: Led by a certified Grief Recovery Method® Specialist, our team includes experienced group leaders who have personally benefited from these techniques.
  • Ongoing Support: Direct access to additional support from the Grief Recovery Institute.

Program Details

The Grief Recovery Method® Support Group Program is a structured journey, not an occasional drop-in group. For the effectiveness and safety of all participants, commitment and regular attendance are crucial.

  • Duration: 8-week program
  • Start Dates: Last Tuesday of March, June, and September annually
  • Registration: Contact Floral Haven staff or our program director at 918-252-2518

Let Floral Haven's certified Grief Recovery Specialist guide you through your process of grief recovery. Join our supportive community and take the first step towards moving beyond loss. For more information or to enroll in our next support group program, please speak with our staff or reach out to our program director at 918-252-2518.